Recommendation Letter
Dr. Neal Weaver, President
Louisiana Baptist University

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Imagine Your Favorite Sermons Turned into a Treasured Book

If you received our letter and brochure or have heard about us through ministry friends, we are pleased you have come here to view our gallery of sample book designs.

We Specialize in Creating Low Cost, High-Quality Books
So Every Pastor and Ministry Can Afford Our Service

Book Creators for Pastors is a conservative, traditional ministry dedicated to bringing glory to God (Psalm 115:1), by creating  high-quality books for pastors. We provide a total package, designing custom book interiors and covers that reflect a pastor’s personal sermon messages, resulting in an outstanding published book. We also create heartwarming books for Youth Pastors, Children’s Ministry Pastors, Missionaries and Women’s Ministries.

Hello! My name is Kit R. Olsen. I am very grateful to Dr. Neal Weaver, president of Louisiana Baptist University, for taking the time to work with me on this outreach. Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this message. It is sent with a sincere desire to strengthen the Body of Christ, bring glory to God, bless our pastors and their ministries.

I am a highly experienced editor and writer of Christian material. I hold a Masters of Arts degree in Christian Media from Trinity Graduate School, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

For the past twenty years, I have worked as an independent contractor with a number of international Christian ministries such as the World Bible Society, Divine Grace Publishing (UK), and others; primarily as editor, writer, ghostwriter, researcher and concept designer of dozens of published books, and editor of over 3,000 published articles for free lance writers who contribute their work to various Christian websites. I am a published author myself, among many other successes. My greatest success is my role as a homeschooling mom.

My ministry, Book Creators for Pastors, can turn your favorite sermons into an affordable, inspiring book in a way that takes very little time and effort on your part. We understand you are very busy. It is our mission to further the cause of Christ by creating special books for our cherished pastors who are working tirelessly for the Lord. We are here to serve you. 

Book Creators for Pastors offers a stress free experience without having to take up much or any of your time. A trusted assistant in your ministry can give us what we need to move forward.

Your Special Sermons Published in an Outstanding Custom Designed Book. Seeing your favorite sermons published in a straightforward book form to share with others is very exciting and rewarding. 

We Provide a Total Book Creation Package. We provide a total package for our pastors, including designing and preparing custom high-resolution interior and exterior book cover files—resulting in an outstanding published book you and your ministry can be proud of. We do not use templates like many other companies. 

By creating wholesome godly books we help counteract the constant anti-God sentiments all around us. Our primary mission is to create books to bring glory to God, to honor Him and help strengthen ministries that selflessly serve the Lord.

Honoring Our Dedicated Pastors. Our beloved pastors deserve special recognition simply out of respect for their devotion to the Lord and their ministries. All pastors should have a book showcasing their favorite sermons. Not only as a treasured keepsake to share with family, friends and associates—but to take along to meetings and conferences, and also to serve as an encouraging witnessing tool. 

Hard working pastors who are not chasing after personal gain and notoriety are very busy doing God’s work in their own communities, with little time left for special projects that showcase their heartfelt sermons.

I have noticed over the years that many highly esteemed pastors who are humble and seek only to serve the Lord are sometimes overlooked to some degree. One reason is simply because too many people are distracted, spending an inordinate amount of time surfing the Internet and participating in social media outlets. 

Electronic Media Overload. The tradition of reading books is sadly becoming a thing of the past. People everywhere are staring at electronic screens as if they are being held hostage to them. 

Book Creators for Pastors would like to help curtail some of those dynamics. Electronic technology can be a tremendous blessing for ministry work when used judiciously. However, studies show that the explosion of electronic media, especially social media, cause many problems for families and individuals, including wasted time that could be better used for the Lord’s work. 

Book Creators for Pastors encourages reading the written word in tangible book form, spending time reflecting upon the exceptional messages of our beloved pastors found etched in their own special books. The excellent sermons that our pastors share in conjunction with studying the Holy Bible and maintaining a steadfast prayer life—are all part of God’s safety net, and so very much needed in this chaotic world of uncertainty.  

Book Creators for Pastors is unique. As a pastor, you are very important to us and to the Body of Christ as a whole. We honor you and your commitment to the Lord’s service. You deserve to have a special, affordable book as part of your legacy. We keep our costs down by not spending money on slick ads, and we do not follow the new Internet model of spending a lot of money to promote our ministry. 

We love the idea that we are more of an old fashioned “Mom and Pop” type ministry. We trust that the Lord will continue to connect us with special people who would like to have a exceptional published book of their own.

My ministry, Book Creators for Pastors, has found a way to cut corners but not quality as long as we can keep the published page count to about 150-175  pages. A great deal of time and effort go into creating a custom book; it is a very detailed and complex process. But we operate from and eternal perspective and make it a point to  undercharge for our work so any pastor or ministry can afford to have special book.

Our total book creation package includes all aspects of preparing top-notch state-of-the-art printer-ready customized high resolution interior and book cover files, resulting in an outstanding published book which you and your ministry can be proud of. 

Our Book Creation Package Includes the Following

  • A telephone consultation and email correspondence with you or your assistant (as much time that is needed).
  • Converting your typed sermon notes or audio/video files into a book format; designing an outstanding, reader-friendly high-resolution custom interior layout (5.5” x  8.5”or 6”x9”) size. If at all possible, we prefer to receive your typed sermon notes which will expedite the time needed for your book creation project.
  • All necessary editing and proofreading of your text. An important aspect of preparing your keepsake book is to modify/edit the wording of your sermons grammatically without altering your message in any way. This must be done in order for your sermons to make sense to a  reading audience rather than a listening audience.
  • We will design a high-resolution book cover that has great eye-appeal and impact. If you would like to use a photo of yourself as the front cover image that is possible. But it can only be done with a high quality original photo in a JPEG format. Copies of original photos do not translate well and look very grainy.
  • We will write an appropriate and great title for your book cover based on your sermon  messages. We will also write the back cover text based on basic information given to us by  you or a staff member, which includes a Bio. (We will  also need a picture of you for the back cover in a JPEG file unless you prefer not to use one.) 
  • We will provide you with the necessary and often costly industry standard ISBN number and barcode for the back cover of your book at a significant discount, which is included in our fee.
  • We will assist you in opening an account on Amazon so your book can be printed/published via the print-on-demand method using a publishing subsidiary of Amazon. This method offers great results; it is the most economical method and the print work itself is guaranteed. Initially we will oversee this so you or someone from your staff can easily order additional copies of your published book for years to come. 
  • We will arrange for your book to have a “Look Inside” feature on your Amazon sales page as a bonus, showing a small amount of your interior. This feature is a great way to help  potential buyers see your  professional, polished, reader-friendly interior. We will write for you, the book description promo for  your Amazon book sales page.

Your ministry can profit from your published book. Once your custom book is published on Amazon, additional books can be purchased at a very low wholesale fee for approximately $2.65-$3.50 per copy. You can earn back the money you spend to create your book, and even make a profit for your church family. Your books can be sold directly by your ministry as well as through Amazon. 

Your ministry can purchase at a wholesale price one book at a time or as many as you need up to hundreds of copies at a time. Your book can be sold from anywhere ranging from $12.99 to $19.99 or any price you choose. You would be responsible for the shipping costs for those additional orders, which varies, depending on how many books are purchased and your location. Shipping fees from Amazon are very reasonable.


  • In order to move forward, I would need for you or a trusted assistant from your ministry to schedule a time to have a telephone consultation to go over some details. For example, I need to know the approximate length of each sermon you would want to include in your book and the format that they are in a (Word document or a video/audio format). 
  • The length of each sermon will determine how many sermons can be used in a book of about 150-175 pages. These are nice manageable sizes. I will ask a few questions about your ministry so we can custom design a cover that would best reflect your ministry and message. We will also set-up a book publishing account for you on Amazon, which we can oversee in the beginning.

Holding your own book in your hands featuring your treasured sermons is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, and a visible testimony of your dedication and love for the Lord. It is my prayer that you will give Book Creators for Pastors the opportunity to create a book just for you. You will be glad you did. 

Book Creators for Pastors offers a personalized, very affordable service—specifically designed for the needs of each pastor or ministry. Our fee is far below the industry standard and the high-quality of our work is guaranteed. If you or someone from your ministry would like to schedule a free telephone consultation please email us at: 

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